Having just recently transferred into publishing, I am always fascinated to find stories like this of authors who have been published traditionally and have decided to go the self-publishing route.

It was then I realized that I was placing some of the most important things in my life in the hands of people who were at worst hostile and at best really busy. Why did I keep going back to this system? First you have to understand that it’s very comfortable. You write your 100,000 words, submit it, wait, respond to some emails, and then you see a printed book come out the other end. The book appears in bookstores, you feel momentarily cool, and then it drops off the face of Amazon sales rankings like a stone. By then, however, it’s been so long since you wrote the thing that it doesn’t matter. You’re on to bigger and better things. Again, I know I’m a special case in that I’ve been able to stumble into some degree of publishing success, but I think any writer would love the black box nature of most publishing houses.

Second, I thought these gatekeepers were important. I spent an evening with an old fiction professor of mine who told me he didn’t like Kickstarter and the self-publishing craze because he had made it and he didn’t want these new writers to have it too easy.

I am interested and intrigued to follow his journey with crowdfunding and to see if he settles on self-publishing or not.