Elisabeth and I often talk about the power of creating work (not to be confused with our conversations about the power of creative work) as a tenet of our lives. We have stepped into the unknown in establishing our businesses and pursuing our dreams to offer a different experience in the publishing world. At times, it seems like a crazy existence, one that doesn’t fit into other people’s perception of work.

But then we encounter people that just happen to be as crazy as we are. Steve Jobs, one of the crazy ones, offers this advice about life:

Everything that we call life was made up my people who were no smarter than you…You can build your own think…You can poke life, build it, and mold it…Once you learn that, you’ll never been the same again.

And this is exactly what we’re doing. It means not listening the people who insist that in order to work, you have to go to an office or work from 8:30-6:30. We remind our clients at Harrelson Agency everyday, you can create a life and work that is meaningful to you. And this is important because if you are in the working world, you can hear and see the evidence that there is a shift that is going on, as Sam and Thomas talk about in their latest Thinking Religion episode.

You can look at these changes as foreboding, but we choose to look at these changes as exciting not only because of the way the world is changing, but because of the way we get to be a part of that changing world.