There are many authors who say that the key to becoming a writer is to write every day and I have long ascribed to that methodology. Write though writer’s block. Write your characters off a cliff if you need to just to get things stirring.

But I’m having second thoughts. The creative brain doesn’t work linearly and when we try to fit creativity into a schedule, it often comes out stilted and forced. I’m not suggesting to write whenever the writing bug bites, but rather to loosen up our expectations to be inspired every single day between 9 and 5. 

Many don’t have the freedom to change things up, but if you do, try it. Try reversing your day and going for your afternoon walk in the morning. Starting with tea and ending the day with coffee. Change places, change computers, change pens. Try something new. 

You might just find that in all that changing, your story and characters change, too…for the better.