For me as a content creator, I soak up any opportunity and insight into the creation process of other content creators. I like to investigate stories that have touched and engaged me, which led me to finding the interviews with the writers of the show Parenthood.

The producer explained that the first thing they do as a team after they find out they have another season is to gather together in the writer’s room and talk through the people and characters in the show. He explained they aren’t trying to determine where the characters are going to end up by the end of the season, but they are exploring the possibility of where they could go.

I like this description because it means the writers and producer recognize that story is a living creature and it can’t always be contained. Ask any content creator and I bet they’d say the same thing. It surprises them that the story, the message they are trying to convey doesn’t pay attention to deadlines or stop signs. It moves and breathes and grows and you, as the content creator, are just along for the ride.