When I first met Stacy, I found out that she had written a book. These stories she has taken time to write, reflect, and perfect are so much a part of who she is that she couldn’t not tell me. Maybe it was because I wasn’t yet finished with Divinity School, but it took me a little over a year to convince her to share her book with me.

When she did, I knew these were stories to offer hope and healing to those of us in ministry as well as to those who are experiencing crisis of faith because of the stark reality of life and death. I knew her reflections and her honesty would change the way people saw themselves and saw God.

Even though it took a year, I’m glad she finally believed me that what she had created was a wonderful statement of faith and hope in a world that is so often tainted by darkness and tragedy.

I know you’ll fall in love with her take on the world and God in these words just as I did.

An incredible story of faith and identity! Every minister (ordained and lay) needs to read this book!