Today, I spent a good portion of my day reading. Yes, reading. I can’t believe it’s part of my job to review manuscripts and to talk with authors about their work and yes, to read and read and read.

We know there’s are others like us out there. We know because they buy our books and share our books and author our books. Are you one of them?

If so, and you’re looking for a teacher present or a present for someone who has been a teacher, then both of our books are great choices.

Brave Elizabeth tells the story of Elizabeth Jackson, president Andrew Jackson’s mother. It tells of her life and what it was like to have war come literally to her doorstep. It also is a wonderful peak inside the daily life of the settlers. Award-winning author, Sheila Ingle, tells the story beautifully.

My Hardest Year of Teaching and Why I Didn’t Quit tells the story of teachers who love teaching and haven’t given up on teaching even in the midst of the most extreme circumstances. It’s a wonderful reminder to those in the classroom or those who have been in the classroom of why we do what we do. It also makes a great teacher gift!

Women’s Self-Defense: being sure-footed never to be a victim tells the story of women who have been abused as well as women who have chosen to train in self-defense in order to never be the victim of an abusive relationship or encounter again. Author, Denise Wilbanks, tells her own story with bravery and courage in hopes that her story will change the world of women who have encountered similar situations to her.

 These are stories that will change your perspective and change the way you see the world! Order and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year where we all have a little more downtime to read and relax.