There’s a reason that we called for submissions for our new book My Hardest Year of Teaching and Why I Didn’t Quit, which is summed up nicely in the recent article Why Good Teachers Quit:

All of the above would not feel so deflating if she felt valued. If the extra time she invested felt appreciated by her administration. Instead, the push is to do more, do it faster, improve the student’s grades and, more importantly, their standardized test scores. She must not only improve those test scores but document every little piece of data along the way.

The world of teaching has changed so much that good teachers are quitting and moving on. Often there aren’t new teachers ready to take their places meaning that classroom sizes are bigger, stretching teachers even thinner. We want to celebrate the teachers who are getting up everyday in the midst of this atmosphere. We want people to know their stories.

Let the Countdown begin! 10 Days until the release of the printed version comes out at the Spartanburg Writing Project’s Fall Renewal! Come join us or pre-order your copy today and pick it up at the conference on October 16!