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As we start September, we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Harrelson Press. For those of you who know about start ups and the difficulty of start ups, you know that the 1 year anniversary is a big one for any company.

For us, here at Harrelson Press, it’s no different. Our aim and purpose for starting Harrelson Press was to deliver great stories to great readers. We know we have done that because we have heard from our great readers about our books. While providing great stories to great readers, we also hope to help authors understand more about the publishing process and include their voices in the publishing process. Our authors work hard to create. We want that creativity to match book formatting, book covers, and marketing so that the author’s voice is shining through the book from cover to cover.

Along the way this year, we have also served as the book fairy for teachers, students learning to read, and authors looking for inspiration. This might be my favorite part of what we have done as Harrelson Press this year. Whether it’s pulling from my old teaching library or passing on books I’ve found at yard sales or used bookstores, sharing good books so that teachers and students can learn to love reading is so important.

Every day is a new adventure of what Harrelson Press is and what Harrelson Press is becoming. We hope you’ll continue to¬†follow our story for many years to come!