Thank you for your response to the release of our new e-book, My Hardest Year of Teaching: and Why I Didn’t Quit. Hearing that there are teachers who needed to read about other teachers who were sticking with the teaching in the midst of the changes in administration, parent response, and student behavior is why this book is so important to us.
I’ve heard too many stories of young teachers who were doubting whether they were going to teach again next year. I’ve heard too many stories of teachers who’ve quit because teaching isn’t what it used to be. That’s what this book is about.

For us, at Harrelson Press, we try to bring you stories that challenge what you think. This book is definitely already doing that for those outside of the classroom. If you didn’t believe teachers had it hard or if you believed that teachers had “three months off” in the summer, these stories challenge that mindset.

I hope these stories change you just enough to help you see inside the classroom.