I interviewed Denise about her book as the first episode of ThinkingOutLoud before Elisabeth joined me as a co-host. I was struck with her passion and honesty about how important it was for her to share the stories of the women in her life who have been abused, but also how that drove her to find a way to help women learn how to defend themselves against abuse.
I remember she said that she wanted women to be able to walk away from her classes able to say, “Never again,” and know that they didn’t ever have to be a victim again. The unfortunate truth is that women are still being abused and are still walking through life in a civilized country with fear and anxiety.

Even if only one woman reads this book and enrolls in a self-defense class or is reminded that she is not alone and that there is a way that she can say, “Never Again,” then this has been worthwhile. And one day, maybe we will be able to say #YesAllWomen, “Never Again.”