With her unique knowledge of the psychology and biology of human-dog interactions as well as her obvious love for dogs, McConnell has created a book that is both informative and fun. As someone who is looking into therapy dog training, I am now much more aware of what Willie is trying to say to me during our training and preparation.
In the midst of the practicality of her words, McConnell also leaves much room for debunking many of our reactions as humans to our dogs, no matter how strange they may seem. She says:

What in heaven’s name is going on here? Risking your life for a member of another species? Loving your dog as much as you love a human? That’s flat-out amazing if you think about it. And yet, even if some people think it’s crazy those of us who love dogs love them like family, or perhaps more accurately, like the family we always wanted.

To read a book and know that the author understands you is wonderful. To read a book and know that you can come back to it long after you have finished the book makes it essential for your bookshelf. I have no doubt I will be going back to this book again and again.