I can’t help agree with this article:

Blogging is harder than it used to be. We’ve gotten better at counting and worse at paying attention to what really counts. Every time I press Publish the post is publicized to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Path, and Google+, each with their own mechanisms for enumerating how much people like it.

pathNone of those services except Path have a clickable way to dislike something, so if something isn’t great it’s usually met with silence. But sometimes something that is great is met with silence too if it doesn’t drop at the right time, have the right headline, or have the right tone to invite interaction.

There’s nothing worse as a writer, then sharing the creative work that you’ve put your heart and soul into only to be met with silence, especially when you know that there are people who would greatly enjoy what you have written. Writing isn’t just writing anymore. Writing is marketing and predicting and analyzing not only what to write, but when to release that writing to the public.

Is there a difference between hitting publish a 2 pm and 4 pm? Quite possibly.

Is there a difference between a book launch being in the afternoon and in the morning? Absolutely.

Don’t lose hope. Keep writing, but keep reading about your audience and how and when they read.