We have been out of the blogging world for awhile because I have had my glasses-wearing eyes buried in book after book as we edit and format and get ready to share these amazing stories. 

The project I’ve been working on the most is My Hardest Year of Teaching and Why I Didn’t Quit. I was reading today and ran across this blog post and I was overwhelmed by the candor from this teacher about the fact that he had to quit. 

It took me nine years before I decided to walk away from teaching. Teacher burnout is very real. It’s important to gird the loins of your mind and heart to make teaching sustainable.

Teaching is not what it was when I was in the classroom. Now, there is so much more that teachers have to deal with because of the decisions that are made at a district and national level. I am surprised that there are so many willing human beings who get up before the sunrise and head into the classroom to love, encourage and teach someone’s else children everyday. 

Just wait until you hear their stories!