Today while eating lunch, I heard that Dr. Seuss books will soon be available on e-books. They will range in price from $8-$11, which is high for the e-book market, but I have no doubt that they will sell and sell well.  


Because Dr. Seuss is a book brand that works. In the midst of so much marketing being added to the book industry, including new prints after the movies come out, bios of characters and other various attempts to fill the tables of bookstores, there’s something pure about the Dr. Seuss brand.  

Sure, it became a cartoon and then popular movies with famous actors, but it still seemed, at least to this viewer, that the difference between the books and the movies doesn’t seem inauthentic, but instead natural and new. 

These newer attempts seen unnatural and preplanned. Readers don’t respond to pre-packaged idea. As much as readers like to read a story, they also like to track the way the story travels from person to person and genre to genre.