From the moment I met Margaret Atwood through the pages of her book, I was a devoted follower. Her books transform your mind to what could be, or rather what just might be. Although they are classified as dystopian, they have enough truth and enough possibility to just maybe be a prediction of what is coming. 

There’s an authenticity to her characters. They aren’t perfect and they make mistakes openly and their stories intertwine in complicated twisted connections instead of clean and clear connections. 

I just finished The Year of the Flood and was mesmerized. She reveals the back story of Oryx and Crake, but they don’t enter into the story until almost the very end. She creates a whole world of people groups who are rivals and are trying to survive and compete for the same resources until ultimately their striving brings diaster. This is certainly a must read.

The Year of the Flood

By Margaret Atwood