There are many authors who chose to self-publish for a number of reasons. Perhaps, because they can’t find a match with a publisher. Perhaps, because they have an audience ready and waiting to buy their work. Perhaps, because they don’t want their work to change through the editing process. 

But the question still exists…is self-publishing less respectable?

Many would say yes. A book isn’t a book without a proper publishing company, but has the digital age changed the rules of publishing?

Readers and content perusers have changed publishing. If you scroll through Twitter feeds and Facebook feeds, you realize that it isn’t so much about who is publishing content, it’s about whether the reader connects to that content. Readers have become used to getting content and getting it quickly and self-publishing can certainly expedite the publishing process; however, content creators should be aware that this also means that their content may connect with their readers, but then they will move on to find more content and more connections.