I guess it started when I was a child. There was a small bookstore in my hometown that was called Pick-a-Book that has since closed. It was a treat to get to go there because it meant we could actually buy a book rather than just borrowing it from the library.

The bookshelves were bright blue and I can remember the comic book stands that my brothers loved, but more than that I remember wandering around getting lost in the aisles of bookshelves and wondering what all these books said. I knew there were stories in them and I knew they had the power to invite me into an enchanted world or take me to another time and place. There was something wonderfully unpredictable about being surrounded with possibility.

I have worked as an agent for almost a year and I have realized there are so many powerful stories walking around in what look like human beings to the untrained eyes. I want to connect those stories, those human beings to each other.