One of my favorite parts of checking out books from the library is the possibility you might run into an unknown person as you are reading. It’s the unexpected adventure of not knowing what might be hidden in the pages, not only the story, but also the story of the peson who was reading it before you.

In the pages of Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick, I found a note between two best friends. From my experience as a teacher, I would say the girs were around 3rd grade. It made me think of my years as a teacher and the independent reading time we would have in the afternoons. I have to admit on the days I wasn’t conferencing and I was reading with my students, sitting on my stool at the front of the class, I would let the reading time linger longer hoping to get to the next chapter in my book. 

That time, those stories, reading the same book as someone else creates a reading community hidden in the pages of books. A story inside a story.


By Brian Selznick