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Harrelson Press is a place and space for authors to publish their creative work, so that authors can do what they do best: write.


Our authors are living their dream of doing what they love and sharing the stories of people, subjects, and events that have fascinated them and altered the way they see the world. At Harrelson Press, we aim to transform the publishing experience so that authors can live their dream of being published as well as being able to benefit from their creative work. In addition, we are proud to say that we help transform writers into authors for the first time.

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Eliza Lucas Pinckney was the first woman inducted into the SC Business Hall of Fame. Take a walk and experience a day in the life of Eliza in Sheila Ingle’s fourth book and first picture book!

My Hardest Year of Teaching and Why I Didn’t Quit is a compilation of essays by teachers who have not quit despite the increased school accountability. Their stories give rare insight into what it means to be a teacher in the 21st Century and will undoubtedly change how you view your children’s own teachers. Read and be challenged!


Denise didn’t mean to end up in Women’s Self-Defense, but as she heard story after story of women who had been abused, she knew she had to do something. This book details her journey in Women’s Self-Defense as well as beautifully capturing the stories of the women she has met on her journey.

Brave Elizabeth invites you to enter the world of the Revolutionary War through the eyes of Elizabeth Jackson. This books also invites you to see the life of President Andrew Jackson as a child as he lives and fights during the American Revolution.

As a chaplain she is supposed to be offering hope and healing, but what does she do if she can’t find her own faith? Stacy Sergent takes a honest and real look as she struggles with the these questions in her debut book Being Called Chaplain: How I lost my name and (eventually) found my faith. Follow Stacy’s story through her first year as a chaplain.

Follow the life cycle of a plant in this beautifully illustrated picture book! 

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