Our Team

Merianna Neely Harrelson, Editor-in-Chief

Merianna had a vision for Harrelson Press after working as a literary agent and negotiating author contracts where authors saw very little royalities. She wanted to create something new: a space for authors to lead the publishing process whether that be self-publishing, dual-endeavor publishing, or traditional publishing.

Merianna holds a Master’s of the Arts of Teaching in Literacy and a Master’s of Divinity. In her literacy studies she focused on critical literacy, which demand 

Sam Harrelson, Content Designer

With a wide academic background including studies in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, String Theory and Divinity School, Sam views the online marketing world through a wide lens and focuses on the industry’s ability to reach individuals, form communities and create social drivers for effective merchant conversions.

Instead of consumers, Sam sees individuals as producers of content via personal curation and investigates how developing technologies furthers the ability of people to participate in marketing efforts by having them become part of a merchant’s sales chain.

Sam is a self-acclaimed bibliophile who is always looking for another book to add to his collection. He is excited to help Harrelson Press using his expertise in design to tell amazing stories.

Willie and Waylon, Chief-Entertainment Officers

Willie and Waylon hold down the fort in the office reminding our team how important it is to take a nap once in awhile and that is always a good day for treats!

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